Writer’s Block Suck.

If any one of you guys out there consider yourself to be a writer of some kind, then you know very well how much it sucks to have writer’s block especially when all you want to do is write.

I noticed that the older I get, the more writer’s block I am able to experience. It sucks because when I was much younger, I don’t think I have ever gotten writer’s block, I was always writing some kind of story in my notebook no mater how short or long it was; there was always a story written.

As I’ve gotten older, gained more responsibilities including sustaining and maintaining my mental, physical, and spiritual health, it can be hard to find some time to sit down for at least an hour and just type or write.

I know I need to be somewhere quiet with just my thoughts and my parents can sound like four loud people even though it is just them two. That is the reason why I usually write when they go to sleep but of course, it is night time and either a lot of my ideas have faded or I am just too tired to get anything down on my devices or paper. It fucking sucks.

I have had nights where I have had some great ideas and couldn’t get the down because I’d either be still half asleep and I’m not thinking to write down my ideas, I’m thinking about going back to sleep.

Growing up, I do not think I had a lot of books where I just wrote stories, I remember only having one, big, yellow, spiral notebook that I wrote a bunch of stories in. Everything else I have are just my journals for my personal writing; not for the world to see.

I have tried buying big notepads thinking they would work but I found myself not  really writing in them. I did a few summers ago but sadly, it did not workout well. Then I tried carrying an even smaller notebook around and that didn’t work either for me. Maybe I should go back to my roots and d what I did when I was a kid; just carry around a regular spiral notebook; nothing too fancy.

This summer, I want to try to write more than I have in the past few summers. My mentor feels a sense of responsibility to get my foot in a door somewhere that has to do with writing. I’m not sure if she wants me to get published but she wants my writing to be recognized somehow. As terrifying as that is, I do too. I do want to be a published writer at some point. I do want a handful of my books to be a best-seller. I want to be a best-selling author or a best-seller in a category for a while. I would want some of my books and/or novels to receive some form of reward because I’d want my books to feel good and be recognized for who they are; wonderful works of art for everyone to read and enjoy.

I’m talking about books like they’re people. They’re not people but they’re beyond special to me. Whatever I have written since I was young, even if I do not know where they are anymore, they are still beyond special to me. I have been writing for years and it is just a huge part of me and what makes me, me… All I want is for people to read what I have been writing for years, months, days, and to just react to my writing. I know if I get some form of reaction, even if it is a disgusted reaction, my writing is good because it made the reader feel something. Anything…

So if you consider yourself to be a writer of whatever genre, this summer, write something. Even if it’s just a poem.

I will end things here. Everything I say here is merely a suggestion. No matter what I suggest, you can make the final decision in what you think is best for you. Please follow me on TWITTER @midnighthuee and tell me what you do when you’re experiencing writer’s block.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care ❤